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National Environmental Education Foundation
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NEEF Publications


Environmental Literacy 

Environmental Literacy in America

What 10 Years of NEETF/Roper Research and Related Studies Say About Environmental Literacy in the U.S

PDF Report (Not available in print)
Published: September 2005

Understanding Environmental Literacy In America and Making It a Reality: Three-year Report (2002/2003/2004)

PDF: Three-Year Report 2002/2003/2004
Published: May 2005

NEETF Bi-Annual Report 2000 and 2001

Environmental Learning in America:

Working Toward Nationwide Environmental Literacy

PDF Report
Published: June 2002

American's Low "Energy IQ:" A Risk to Our Energy Future

PDF Report
Published:August 2002

Lessons from the Environment

Summary of the Report (HTML)
PDF Report

Published: May 2001

The National Report Card on Environmental Readiness for the 21st Century

Published: December 1999

National Report Card on Safe Drinking Water Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviors

Report (pdf)

Published: July 1999

National Report Card on Environmental Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviors

Report (pdf)

Published: December 1998

National Report Card on Environmental Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviors

Published: November 1997

Health & Environment

Environmental Management of Pediatric Asthma: Guidelines for Health Care Providers

PDF Report - 26MB
Published: August 2005

National Strategies for Health Care Providers: Pesticides Initiative Implementation Plan

Report (by section)
PDF Report - 742 KB

Published: March 2002

Nurses and Environmental Health: Success Through Action; Illustrations From Across the Nation

PDF Report
Published: January 2002

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Business & Environment

Toward Engagement 2.0: Creating a More Sustainable Company through Employee Engagement

PDF Report
Published: September 2011

Good, Green Jobs: A No-Nonsense Guide to Environmental Jobs and Careers

PDF Report
Published: October 2005

Executive Briefing: Energy Management and Shareholder Value

PDF Report
Published: April 2005

Going Green, Upstream: The Promise of Supply Chain Environmental Management

PDF Report
Published: October 2001

Standardizing Excellence: Working with Smaller Businesses to Implement Environmental Management Systems

PDF Report
Published: October 2001

Environmental Mentoring: Benefits, Challenges & Opportunities

PDF Report - 659KB
Published: March 2000

Mentoring Handbook

PDF Report - 810KB
Published: March 2000

Emerging Role of Associations as Mentors

PDF report - 260KB
Published: October 2000

Business Helping Business - Corporate Environmental Mentoring Conference Proceedings

PDF report - 2.02MB
Published: January 1998

Education (K-12)

Environmental Education and Educational Achievement: Promising Programs and Resources

PDF Report
Published: October 2002

Environmental Education: Resources at a Glance

PDF Report
Published: September 2002

Using ENVIRONMENT-BASED Education to Advance Learning Skills and Character Development

PDF Report
Published: October 2001

Environment-Based Education: Creating High Performance Schools and Students

PDF Report - 445 KB
Published: September 2000

Adult Learning

Visual Tools for Watershed Education

PDF Report - 1.7 MB
Published: November 1999