people standing around aspen trees, Americorps volunteer holding
NEEF Conservation Grant Supports Biodiversity in the California Floristic Province
In April 2021, NEEF and Toyota Motor North America announced $220,000 in grant funding to support biodiversity conservation projects on public lands within the California Floristic Province...
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Photo of various seafoods on ice in a supermarket fridge
Seeking Sustainable Seafood: How to Make Smart Choices Using the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Guide
Is your favorite type of seafood being overfished? Learn how to make sustainable seafood choices using the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch guides.
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group of seniors working in community garden
Start a Community Garden to Grow Healthy Food and New Neighborhood Connections
Chicago’s Loomis Street Community Garden shows how community gardens increase access to healthy food and result in a more engaged community. Learn how to start a community garden of your own.
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Family with young son walking and pointing to things on a trail in a green field near
Take a Hike with Your Kids on National Trails Day
National Trails Day is June 4, and provides the perfect opportunity to go hiking with your family and share your love of being outside. Bringing your kids hiking means experiencing the magic of the...
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group of diverse young people hiking up a mountain on public land
Fee Free Days Provide Free Admission to National Parks and More
Several federal land management agencies announced fee-free days for 2022, including National Public Lands Day (NPLD) on September 24. A "fee-free day" is when forests, parks, refuges, and rangelands...
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photo of industrial stacks with pollution and the logo break the cycle of health disparities
Break the Cycle to Improve Children’s Environmental Health
Children who grow up with social and economic disadvantages are at greater risk for exposure to harmful environmental factors that lead to pediatric asthma and other adverse health and developmental...
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photo of independence national historical park rose garden
Celebrate Small Parks During National Park Week
Celebrate National Park Week 2022 by exploring lesser-known alternatives to some of the country’s most popular—and crowded—National Park Service sites.
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Photo of young hand holding a lightbulb with the letters CSR to the right and green in background
What is Corporate Social Responsibility and Why is it Important?
Corporate social responsibility means that a company is operating in a way that is beneficial to society and the environment. This primer on CSR can help you support companies that are aligned with...
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photo of soil overlayed with elemental symbols Mn, CI, S, N, Fe, Ca, P, Mg, K, Cu, Zn, B
Healthy Soil Helps Your Garden Grow
Keeping our soil healthy is more important than ever. Learn about soil health during National Garden Month each April. The health of soil, plants, and pollinators are interconnected.
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