Intergenerational family on public lands
Connecting the Past, Present, and Future Through Public Lands
Felipe Benítez, Executive Director and Founder of Corazón Latino , shares how volunteering on National Public Lands Day keeps him connected with his family and future generations.
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Americorps volunteer national park ranger and students in Great Smokie Mountain NP
AmericaCorps Vista Opportunities in Environmental Education
Ready to put your environmental education skills to work at a national park? For the 2022-2023 school year, NEEF continues to partner with the National Park Service (NPS) and the US Department of...
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Dawn view of Miami Skyline reflected in water
How Cities Are Adapting to the Challenges of Climate Change
Climate change is impacting communities, the environment, and public lands—right now. Florida’s Miami-Dade County is taking action to build resilience and adapt to climate change challenges like...
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Park ranger explaining landscape to visitors
Explore Outdoor Careers on Public Lands
Explore outdoor careers on public lands—tips for applying to seasonal jobs from a 25-year park and recreation veteran.
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Bear at Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park, Alaska stands atop the waterfall.
Bring Fat Bear Week into Your Classroom
Environmental education resources to bring Katmai National Park’s Fat Bear Week into the classroom. Learn about the importance of Alaska’s Bristol Bay ecosystem.
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Wild bison in Yellowstone National Park, USA
Giving Back to the Land
Jackie Old Coyote, a #HonorNativeLand Innovator at the US Department of Arts and Culture and member of the Apsáalooke Nation, shares the story of her family's relationship with the land that is now...
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group of diverse people, one in a wheelchair, collecting litter in a forested area
How to Make Your National Public Lands Day Event Accessible to All  
The theme of National Public Lands Day (NPLD) 2022 is Giving Back Together , an homage to the public spaces that have helped communities and families alike remain connected to each other and the...
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a pond with lily pads surrounded by green prairies and trees
Why Biodiversity is Important to Human Health
Biodiversity is important to human health because it supports physical, mental, and spiritual health and social well-being. Learn how NEEF supports biodiversity through our grant program.
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Teacher Samantha Barry celebrates with her students
Bring Environmental Literacy into Your Classroom This Fall with Climate Superstars
Past winner Samantha Barry (Canarelli Middle School) shares tips to help new teachers get involved in Climate Superstars Challenge.
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