Children walking through a park
Celebrate Children's Environmental Health Day 2020
Children's Environmental Health Day is an annual event devoted to raising awareness for children's environmental health issues. It gives us a chance to celebrate successes in the field, share...
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Women doing yoga | Copyright: Copyright: +
Using Virtual Events to Engage Diverse Audiences
We’ve highlighted several organizations that have had success hosting virtual events that target diverse audiences, including communities of color, LGBTQ communities, and Spanish-speaking communities...
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Bears lounging at the river
How Wildlife Webcams Can Help People Reconnect with Nature During COVID-19
Without access to public lands, people are less able to connect with nature, enjoy unique wildlife experiences, and engage in conservation activities outside of their home. However, by harnessing the...
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Young woman riding her bike in Red Rock Canyon
More Than a Movement: Black Women Seek Diversity and Equality in the Outdoors
This year has been a challenging one for our country. Recent tragic events such as birder Christian Cooper’s assault in Central Park and the nationwide Black Lives Matter protests in response to...
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Girl virtual learning at home
Need Teacher Resources for Virtual Classes?
Virtual classrooms are becoming a reality for teachers throughout the US. NEEF offers some resources to help educators (and parents) make learning online effective and fun.
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Filming a virtual event with George McBroom at Carters Lake
Making NPLD 2020 a Virtual Success at Carters Lake
National Public Lands Day (NPLD) promises a wealth of virtual events for participants to learn, explore and stay connected to our public lands. Find out how the team at Carters Lake in Georgia is...
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Girl smiling and using inhaler
Are You Ready for Asthma Peak Week?
Did you know that the third week of September is considered “asthma peak week”? That’s when asthma episodes, attacks, and hospitalizations for both children and adults tend to spike. See our free...
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Dad and son planting at San Diego River Mouth
2020 DoD Legacy Park Rx Day Award Recipients
The National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF), with funding support from the Department of Defense (DoD) Legacy Resource Management Program, has awarded six military installations to...
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Mature woman loading a washing machine
What You Should Know About Microfiber Pollution
Scientists estimate that over 8 million tons of plastic enter our oceans each year. One major source of plastic pollution is our clothes. The majority of clothing on the planet is made from plastic-...
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