Girl scouts at the NPLD event at Rock Creek Park
National Public Lands Day Frequently Asked Questions
About NPLD What is National Public Lands Day (NPLD)? When is NPLD? What has NPLD accomplished? What is the National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF)? How can people stay informed about NPLD...
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A whooping crane (Grus americana) family in their wintering grounds at Aransas National Wildlife Refuge in Texas.
Bird is the Word
Whooping cranes are big birds, about the size of a large child. They also have large migrations, flying from the great plains of Canada all the way down to central Texas, where they spend the winter...
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Two people pick up garbage from a stream
Healthy Watershed, Healthy Communities
Goldfinches chirp as they fly back and forth over a babbling brook, avoiding the commotion of the children splashing through the shallow banks. While this play may seem frivolous, crossing streams...
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Salt marsh on Toms Cove, overlooking the Coast Guard Station and boathouse
The Wilds of Assateague Island
A stampede of horses run wild, hooves kicking up sand along a grassy knoll. The long grass and horses may conjure images of a ranch, yet there are no fences around for miles. These horses are the 150...
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Four river otters on a snowy riverbank
An Otter Success
River otters are found in waterways across North America, mainly in rivers, lakes, swamps, and estuary ecosystems. Many populations of otters were hunted for their pelts in the 19th century, with...
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Belted kingfisher overlooks the water
If You Build It They Will Come: Creek Restoration Elicits Return of Birds
A twitter of song sparrows catches the attention of a prowling bobcat that bounds off after them. A river otter can be seen floating down the creek. The serene scene may give the impression that this...
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Parent and child planting tree
Get Outside, But Don’t Get Bitten!
Getting active outdoors is an easy and fun way to improve your physical and mental health. NEEF’s Children and Nature Initiative: Rx for Outdoor Activity highlights the benefits of contact with...
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Family in the sun
Stay SunWise on Memorial Day Weekend!
When it comes to sun safety, prevention is key. Memorial Day is a great holiday for spending time outside with friends and family. To kick off this Memorial Day weekend, celebrate #DontFryDay with...
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Black Bear Cub
The Bear Necessities of Wetlands
May is American Wetlands Month, a chance to recognize and celebrate the ways in which wetlands enrich both the environment and human communities. Learn more about one special inhabitant of...
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