Waterway estuary
Groundwater and the Rising Seas
Along the coast, groundwater and saltwater from the ocean are naturally separated by the seaward movement of groundwater and a transition zone where freshwater and saltwater mix. As changes in...
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Lake drought
El destino de las aguas subterráneas
Globalmente, los humanos sacan casi una tercera parte del agua potable de fuentes subterráneas, suministrando 36% para usos domésticos, 42% del agua para la agricultura, y 27% para usos industriales...
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Water sprinkler system
Defiende el agua subterránea
Cuando la lluvia cae, una parte del agua termina en lagos y ríos, otra parte es utilizada por las plantas, otra porción se evapora de regreso a la atmósfera y otra se filtra a través del suelo...
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Water tank in the mountains
Guard Your Groundwater
When rain falls, some of the water ends up in lakes and rivers, some is used by plants, some evaporates back into the atmosphere, and some seeps through the ground into aquifers – large, natural...
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Young man picking up trash
#H2OBigPicture Photo Contest Showed How Simple Actions Add Up
Our H2O Big Picture contest was held in 2016, and we received photos showing simple actions to protect water quality and community watershed from over 20 states and Puerto Rico. After reviewing the...
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Gray whale migration
A Whale of a Trip
If you think migrating is for the birds, think again! Avian species aren’t the only attraction during the migratory season. Some of the biggest spring migrants are pretty removed from the spotlight,...
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Girl reading at Debris Day 2015
Spring into Citizen Science
Looking for a new project? Spring is a great time to join a citizen science program, where you can share your own observations about nature with scientists. Citizen science volunteers can collect far...
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Teacher and students doing an environmental lesson
Citizen Science and NEEF
NEEF and its partners work to engage the public in citizen science by linking directly with nature enthusiasts, working with trusted professionals in the field such as NEEF's network of...
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Mountains in distance with water in foreground
La capa de nieve, la energía hidroeléctrica, y el suministro de agua
Nieve en las montañas es aún más útil en la primavera y el verano cuando se derrite y libera agua para mantener los ecosistemas, los suministros de agua municipal e industrial, la agricultura y la...
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