snow man melting on warm winter day surrounded by patches of grass an melting snow
Warmer Winters and Your Health: Five Ways That Climate Change Impacts You
The National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicted warm, wetter-than-average weather across much of the United States during the 2021-2022 winter season. Millions of Americans are...
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NPLD highlighted site volunteers pose for a group picture
NPLD Highlighted Sites Focus on Community and Connection in the Wake of COVID-19
For NPLD 2021, two events focused on fostering community and rebuilding connections after more than a year in isolation.
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Overcrowded national park with spectators viewing gyser
Are We Loving our Public Lands to Death?
The popularity of public lands has increased, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Recent record-breaking attendance has put increased strain on the parks’ infrastructure.
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Older couple walking in forest taking a hike
Enjoy the Health Benefits of the Outdoors at Any Age
Seniors can benefit from outdoor activity and it doesn't have to be extreme. Participating in a yoga class in a local park, going for a stroll, or simply making a long phone call in an outdoor...
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Latino family taking a hike in the woods
Discover a New Trail for National Take a Hike Day
November 17 is National Take a Hike Day. Get inspired for your next hiking trip with a list of favorite hiking spots from NEEF staff.
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Children running through forest playing in nature
Online Course: Nature Champion Training
The Nature Champion Training aims to build capacity among health care providers, clinicians, and mental health professionals to be leaders in prescribing nature​ and connecting children and families...
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Yosemite National Park landscape scenery
Honoring the Indigenous Heritage of Public Lands
Throughout the United States, the stories and heritage of Indigenous Americans frequently intersects with the geography, history, and culture of national parks. Today, many national parks remain...
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child blowing on a flower in the park with her mother
Healthy Environments Give Kids a Healthy Start
The environment can have a big impact on our health and this is especially true for kids. Children and infants are at higher risk of being impacted by pollution or other environmental factors that...
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bats hanging from roof of cave
The Benefits of Bats: Thinking Beyond Halloween
Bats play an important role in ecosystems around the world, year-round. Today, bat populations are in decline due to loss of habitat and disease, putting those ecosystems at risk.
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