Kids planting a garden
Get Involved with EE Week!
Use these EE Week Tip Sheets to learn more and find easy inspiration for your next EE Week event or activity: EE Week for Everyone EE Week for Schools EE Week for Public Lands EE Week for...
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Debris Day participation
What are the benefits of registering for National Environmental Education Week?
When you register for EE Week, you join a national network of educators dedicated to increasing the environmental literacy of K-12 students. In addition to being part of the growing support for...
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NEEF's National Environmental Education Week: FAQs (Atom)
EE Week Frequently Asked Questions
EE What? What kind of education? When is this happening? What goes on during EE Week? Does EE only happen during the last week of April? Does EE come with guidelines I need to follow? Does NEEF have...
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US Coral Reefs
Arrecifes de coral de los Estados Unidos en un océano en calentamiento
Un arrecife de coral es una colección de millones de pequeños animales llamados corales. Estas estructuras existen en aguas tropicales poco profundas y son una fuente de alimento y refugio para una...
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Stack of firewood
Entre en calor y queme con sentido
Cuando las temperaturas bajan en el exterior, las chimeneas y estufas de leña pueden quitar el frío en el interior. El olor particular del humo de leña puede oler muy bien, pero puede impactar la...
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Stacks of fire wood
Stay Warm, Burn Wisely
If you turn to a fireplace or wood-burning stove when the temperatures start to drop, make sure you're taking the necessary steps to protect your health in the process. Without the proper care, smoke...
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Eliza K.'s quilt, titled "Imagine a Sustainable Life"
Environmental Education through Art
Eliza K., US National Youth Leadership Council Member at Roots & Shoots, shares her experience with promoting environmental action in her community.
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Students out in the field participating in a citizen science project
Citizen Science Tackles Invasive Species
Christine Voyer from the Gulf of Maine Research Institute shares her tips for getting students excited about STEM by participating in citizen science projects.
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Wilderness Classroom
Sparking Children’s Interest in the Outdoors
The Wilderness Classroom works to increase students’ interest in the outdoors by connecting the topics and places they study with experts in the field.
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