solar panel career
STEM Graduates and Environmental Science Careers
STEM – we know what the subjects are and we know how important they are to driving technology and the economy. Graduates with a STEM degree work in almost any relevant field and many are now choosing...
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Don't Miss These 7 Environmental Education Apps
Apps for Environmental Education
Understanding science, technology, engineering, and math is key to understanding the world around us. As we celebrate Environmental Education week, Moms With Apps is proud to celebrate some of the...
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Encouraging Teen Driven Learning
Encouraging Teen-Driven Learning in STEM
Shedd Aquarium's Teen Learning Lab motivates teens to create their own STEM projects using resources available across Shedd, their schools, and communities.
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Getting The Picture: Our Changing Climate
"Getting The Picture: Our Changing Climate" is a free, online multi-media resource for educators and students of all ages.
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rocky stream
Learning From Youth Restoration on South Boulder Creek
Seth Blum, a student at Washington University, shares his story of creating, organizing, and executing a restoration project in the Boulder, Colorado area.
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Environmental Project-Based Learning
Preparing the Next Generation of Problem-Solvers through Environmental Project-Based Learning What is E-PBL? Environmental project-based learning (E-PBL) offers opportunities for students to actively...
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Outdoor classroom
Benefits of Environmental Education
Environmental education (EE) is often lauded by educators as an ideal way to integrate academic disciplines, stimulate the academic and social growth of young people, and promote conservation of the...
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Environmental-Education in an outdoor classroom
EE and the Next Generation Science Standards
Next Generation Science Standards: The Environment as a Laboratory for Developing Skills in Science and Engineering Practices Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education has...
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EE and the Common Core Standards
Meeting Common Core Language Objectives through Environmental Education The Common Core State Standards are a set of Mathematics and English Language Arts standards that aim to provide a consistent,...
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