Recycled gift wrap
Tis the Season...To Take out the Trash?
This holiday season of giving, receiving, feasting, and decorating can come with some additional baggage—trash baggage, that is! Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, the amount of trash produced...
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Common loon
Birds on the Move
Over 50% of North American bird species are considered to be ‘seriously threatened’ by a changing climate and the winter range for 305 North American birds shifted northward by an average of 40 miles...
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Sparrows on stakes
Conteo Navideño de Aves de Audubon
Cada año, miles de voluntarios identifican y cuentan las aves durante el Conteo Navideño de Aves de Audubon (CBC, por sus siglas en inglés). El conteo anual – que se encuentra en su año 117 – ayuda a...
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Northern Bobwhite Quail
Audubon's Christmas Bird Count
Every year, thousands of volunteers identify and count birds during Audubon’s Christmas Bird Count (CBC). The annual count—which is in its 120th year—helps researchers, conservation biologists, and...
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Filling Glass with Tap Water
Ahorra agua mientras celebras
La familia promedio gasta $1,100 por año en los costos de agua y alcantarillado. Cada estadounidense utiliza un promedio de 100 galones de agua por día, pero usted puede ahorrar tanto como 30 de esos...
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Dad skating with his kids
The Future of Winter Sports and Recreation
Snow-based recreation contributes $67 billion annually and supports over 900,000 jobs in the United States. As air temperatures continue to rise and the winter season becomes shorter in the United...
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Kids playing in the snow with their dog
Snow and Winter Recreation
Thinking of heading outside for some winter recreation this season? Whether at home or on the slopes, the type of snow on the ground can have a big impact on skiing, snowboarding, or even setting up...
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Winter snow on autumn leaves near a lake
Fall is Here and Winter is Coming
You may be wondering if the United States is experiencing fewer of these major winter storms today than we did in the past. The answer? It’s complicated.
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Man shoveling snow at a public park
Winter Salt Smarts
Winter weather can bring snow, sleet, freezing rain, and ice to your doorstep. City, county, and state governments are typically responsible for keeping public roads clear and safe during these...
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