Snowstorm on the highway
Online Course: Extreme Weather 101
Get the facts about the extreme weather-climate change relationship, plus tips and tools to prepare for the impacts of extreme weather where you live.
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The Scientific Evidence, with a 95% Level of Certainty, Points to Human Causes for Observed Warming over Past Half Century
Evidence resulting from sophisticated “bookkeeping” and “fingerprinting” research techniques convinces the scientific community that it is “extremely likely” that human activities are the primary...
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Sandhill cranes migrating
Weather and Fall Migration
Hoping to spot migrating birds? Watch the weather! Find out how weather can affect bird migration patterns, and what you can do to help scientist learn more about these animals.
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Pony hiding in autumn leaves
The Leaves They Are a Changing
Fall foliage tourism across the country is a highly profitable industry and is affected by extreme weather events in a number of ways. A moist growing season followed by dry sunny days with cool...
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We've Transformed! Announcing Our New Brand and Website
NEEF is thrilled to introduce our new brand and Phase 1 of our redesigned and re-imagined website, two changes which signal a broader transformation that has been in the works for many months. Today...
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Strong El Niño Continues
El Niño in a Warming World
Did You Know? The strongest El Niño on record occurred between 1997 and 1998. The August 2015 average sea surface temperature in the Pacific Ocean was the second highest on record (1.49°C above...
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NEEF Environmental Literacy Report
Environmental Literacy in the United States
An Agenda for Leadership in the 21st Century This report comes at a crucial time. Our country is faced with environmental challenges affecting everyday life: our families, our jobs, our communities...
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View of an iceburg
Diminishing Arctic Sea Ice
Both land and sea ice cover in the Arctic have decreased since the late 1970s and the trend is expected to increase in the future due to a changing climate. The March 2019 Arctic sea ice annual...
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Kenilworth volunteers cleaning
Protecting Your National Parks
The National Park Service was established over a 100 years ago to preserve the scenic natural wonders of the United States and leave them unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations. To ensure...
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