Las Tendencias de las Tormentas de Invierno para los Estados Unidos
A medida que nos adentramos en las temporadas de otoño e invierno, usted puede estarse preguntando si Estados Unidos está experimentando menos de las grandes tormentas de invierno hoy de lo que hacía...
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Forest Fires
El Cambio Climático en Llamas
La incidencia de grandes incendios forestales y la duración de la temporada de incendios forestales en los Estados Unidos han aumentado en las últimas décadas. Durante los últimos 30 años, los EE.UU...
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Water Quality
Do Your Part to Protect Water Quality
Did you know that a typical city block generates more than five times as much rainwater runoff as a forested area of the same size? On its way to the storm drain, rainwater picks up pollutants, and...
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Bridge on the Delaware River
A River Ran Through It: How a Changing Climate is Impacting US River Systems
A changing climate impacts the quality and quantity of water in US rivers. Observed and projected changes in precipitation intensity, groundwater runoff, flooding, fires, sea level rise, droughts,...
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Infographic: Wetlands Work for Us
Los Humedales Trabajan Para Nosotros
No importa donde usted vive, lo más probable es que hay un humedal cerca. Los humedales mejoran la calidad del agua, ofrecen protección contra las inundaciones y sustentan una gran cantidad de peces...
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Infographic: Wetlands Work for Us
Wetlands Work for Us
No matter where you live, chances are there’s a wetland nearby. Wetlands support diverse fish and wildlife species, filter pollutants from rain water runoff, help recharge groundwater supplies, and...
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Infographic demonstrates the dos and don'ts of dealing with autumn leaves
Don't Leave Leaves on the Curb
When autumn rolls around, it provides a relief from the summer heat with cooler temperatures and beautiful colors from changing leaves. Those colorful leaves will eventually fall to the ground and be...
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Evaporation in a forest
Droughts, Floods, and Water Vapor - Oh My!
A main contributor to the intensity of a drought or flooding event is how much water vapor can be held in the atmosphere. In a warming climate, additional heat increases the rate of evaporation of...
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Truck shoveling snow off street
Winter Storm Trends for the United States
From 1950 to 2000, the number of extremely heavy snowstorms increased in northern and eastern parts of the United States, but these storms have been less frequent since 2000. Days with extremely cold...
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