Road side Smokey Bear sign
¡Manténganse Seguro este Verano!
¡Verano significa viajes por carretera, días en la playa, excursiones en las montañas y diversión en el sol! Mientras aprovechas los días largos y soleadas, no olvides estar listo para el tiempo...
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Family loads a dishwasher together
Uso de Agua Doméstica
Cada día en los Estados Unidos, alrededor de 27,4 mil millones de galones de agua son sacados y movidos de las aguas superficiales y aguas subterráneas para uso residencial, que incluye el agua para...
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Bathroom accessories
Household Water Use
Each day in the United States, about 27.4 billion gallons of water are withdrawn and delivered from surface water and groundwater sources for residential use, which includes water for drinking,...
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Watering can
Cultive en Verde Mejor
En general, los estadounidenses utilizan 9 mil millones de galones de agua en exteriores cada día, principalmente para el riego de jardines. Los expertos estiman que un 50 por ciento del agua que...
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Sandbags on eroding east coast
Sea Level Rise
Global sea levels are rising at an accelerating rate and a changing climate is likely to speed up the rate of sea level rise over the next century.
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Couple eating ice cream with their dog
Extreme Heat and Your Health
Extreme heat is a leading cause of weather-related deaths in the US. The number of extreme heat events continues to rise and climate projections indicate that these events will be more frequent and...
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Tractor farming
The Future of US Agriculture
A changing climate impacts agriculture directly through changes in the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, and indirectly through the spread of stressors such as weeds, diseases, and...
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Grow Better Green
Overall, Americans use 9 billion gallons of water outdoors each day, mainly for landscape irrigation. Experts estimate that 50% of the water we use outside is wasted due to evaporation, wind and...
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Dall sheep ram (Ovis dalli) in Denali National Park, Alaska
Monitoreo de Otoño
¿Está buscando participar en un nuevo proyecto? El otoño es una buena ocasión para involucrase en programas de voluntariado, en los cuales Ud. puede ayudar a hacer observaciones de la naturaleza con...
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