Los Angeles wildfires
The Wild(fire) Side of a Changing Climate
The occurrence of large wildfires and the duration of the wildfire season across the United States have increased over the past few decades. Climate models predict that an increase in greenhouse gas...
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Understanding Climate Change
More than 97% of climate scientists have concluded human-caused climate change is happening. Get answers to common questions about climate change and find out where to go to learn more.
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Beat the Heat
Over the past few decades, unusually hot summer days have become more common in the United States. And, the frequency of heat waves doubled during the 20th century. This PSA shows you how to stay...
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Wasting water in a drought, dripping faucet
Save Water During a Drought
More than half of the contiguous United States is experiencing extremely dry conditions or drought . Many central and western states are feeling the impacts, including California, which is...
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