View of an iceburg
Diminishing Arctic Sea Ice
Both land and sea ice cover in the Arctic have decreased since the late 1970s and the trend is expected to increase in the future due to a changing climate. The March 2019 Arctic sea ice annual...
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Kenilworth volunteers cleaning
Protecting Your National Parks
The National Park Service was established over a 100 years ago to preserve the scenic natural wonders of the United States and leave them unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations. To ensure...
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What Happens When Trash Goes Down the Storm Drain?
Find out in this fun, animated short from the National Environmental Education Foundation, the Alice Ferguson Foundation and the District Department of the Environment. East Coast version: West Coast...
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Tornado in the distance near farm houses
Online Courses: Weather and Environment
Learn about the connections between weather, the environment and our health.
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Sea ice in the ocean
Online Courses: Climate Change
Go in-depth on the regional impacts of climate change, sea level rise and more.
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Talking Climate Talk: Tools and Resources for WCMs and Broadcast Meteorologists
Communications researchers and other scholars sometimes point to climate change as a ‘wicked’ issue in part because of the verbal traps and pitfalls associated with it. That’s just what makes it a...
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Satellite imagery of Hurricane Katrina
El clima y tiempo severo: Las tendencias en la actividad de huracanes en el Atlántico Norte
La detección de las tendencias a largo plazo en la actividad de huracanes ha sido un desafío, pero algunas tendencias están empezando a surgir en algunas escalas de tiempo.
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Flowering grass during allergy season
El cambio climático, el polen y la temporada de alergias
El aumento de las temperaturas y los cambios en las precipitaciones pueden afectar el crecimiento y la distribución de las plantas y polen alergénicos en todo el mundo. El cambio climático puede...
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Atlantic Cod
Especies marinas respondiendo a un clima cambiante
Mientras la temperatura de las aguas oceánicas se calienta, la distribución de muchas especies marinas – incluyendo esas en que dependemos para alimentarnos – cambiará debido a su dependencia en...
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