Migrating birds
Tracking Bird Migration Patterns This Fall
As fall temperatures drop and wind circulation patterns change, you might notice birds flying south, often in a V-shaped pattern. Here are some tips for assessing good migration conditions and how...
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Rain gardens absorb 30% more water than the same size of area of lawn
How Landscaping Choices Affect Water Quality
Are you tackling a new landscaping project this fall? According to a growing body of research, landscaping can improve your quality of life. But it can also improve water quality, too—while also...
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Autumn at Yosemite Valley
Make an Activity Date with Your National Parks
Each year, 330 million visitors enjoy the scenic natural wonders of America’s national parks. Ready to explore a national park? Let these ideas jump-start your outdoor autumn adventures.
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Unplugging unused electronics
Five Ways to Learn About Energy
While energy can be a complicated topic, kids need to understand the concept of energy, how it works, and the role it plays in the world around them. Tap into the wonderful learning opportunity...
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Adjusting the thermostat
Home Energy Efficiency Tips
Along with bringing in cooler weather and color foliage, October brings National Energy Awareness Month . This annual celebration raises awareness about the importance of energy conservation and what...
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Parent and child playing outside
Tap into Your Own Physical Energy—Play Outside With Your Kids!
If you grew up playing outside until you were called home for dinner, you might not recognize the “play landscape” of today’s kids. Why? They’ve largely moved indoors. In fact, the average American...
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Closed trail at Chimney Rock
Tales of the Unexpected: Be Prepared for NPLD Serendipity
The best laid plans often go awry—sometimes with surprising results. Coordinating logistics, managing volunteers, and hoping for good weather all come into play when hosting an NPLD event. And...
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Sturtevant Falls
NPLD Highlighted Site: Chantry Flat Picnic Area, Angeles National Forest, Arcadia, CA
Located just outside the San Gabriel Valley, the Angeles National Forest provides a much-needed dose of nature for the millions of residents in the Los Angeles metro area. One of the most popular...
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Kid volunteer at an NPLD event
NPLD Tip: Take Advantage of Community Resources When Planning Your Next Event
Looking to maximize resources for your National Public Lands Day (NPLD) event? Look no further than your local community! Whether you need volunteers, donors, supplies, publicity, or other resources...
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