Mikah Meyer at Horseshoe Bend National Park
Showing Pride in our National Parks
In April of 2019, Mikah Meyer became the first person to experience all 419 US National Park Service sites in one continuous trip. His journey began simply as a way to pay tribute his father’s love...
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NPLD Volunteers painting a post
Celebrate a Summer of Stewardship
With Memorial Day in the rearview mirror, summer is officially upon us—and this year, we’re celebrating the Summer of Stewardship! From now through National Public Lands Day in September, there are...
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Bee on a flower
Have You Thanked a Pollinator Today?
Did you know that animal pollinators play a critical role in the reproduction of 90% of flowering plants and one-third of all crops grown for food? It’s time to celebrate these little miracle workers...
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Different recyclable materials
Join the Fight to Reduce Plastic Pollution!
With the growing rally to ban plastic straws, this “movement” helps shine the spotlight on the bigger issue of plastic pollution. While restaurants, theme parks, and other sustainability-minded...
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People enjoying the Tennessee River
Take 'em to the River (or Lake or Ocean)
For many, June marks the kick-off of a more relaxed pace, as the school year ends, vacations begin, and people head outdoors to enjoy the warm summer weather. Why not plunge into summer by...
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NEEF and the Department of Defense Legacy Program
National Public Lands Day Department of Defense Awards: Frequently Asked Questions
What are the National Public Lands Day Department of Defense Awards? The Department of Defense (DoD) Legacy Resource Management Program (Legacy Program) provides funds to the National Environmental...
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Pelican splashing in the water
Take Students on the Watershed Sleuth Challenge
Do your students know what a watershed is, why it’s important, and what they can do to help protect it? If not, tie into American Wetlands Month with a gamified research project on watersheds (a land...
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Bullfrog in the water
How are You Connected to a Coastal Wetland?
Think you’re not connected to coastal wetlands? Think again! Whether or not you’re one of the 123.3 million people (39% of the US population) living in US coastal counties, you benefit from and...
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Volunteers at Plumb Beach
Love Your Local Park? Set Up an NPLD Event to Take Care of It!
Whether you’re a park employee who loves preserving public lands or simply someone who has fond memories of camping in a local park with your friends and family, why not give back to the spaces that...
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