NEEF's Backyard Activity Guide
STEM: "Wet" Students' Appetite with Water Activities
Your students might grab a glass of water to drink, turn the tap on to brush their teeth, take a shower at night, and fill their dog’s water bowl—all without even thinking about water quality. As an...
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Testing nutrients in the soil
Ever Heard of Nutrient Pollution?
In a season when throngs of people take to rivers, lakes, and oceans for some boating, fishing, and other on-the-water fun, it makes sense to draw attention to the importance of clean water. Since...
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Older people hydrating at the park
Staying Hydrated in the Summer Heat
With summer in full swing, how can you beat the heat , stay cool, and keep healthy when temperatures soar? Besides staying indoors in the air-conditioning and seeking shade when you’re outside, you...
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Toxic algae is closing beaches
Five Things You Can Do to Prevent Harmful Algal Blooms
This weekend, Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB), including blue-green algae closed all of Mississippi’s beaches . Much of the growth of these harmful algal blooms is exacerbated by nutrient pollution, which...
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Monka Krach shows students from June Jordan High School how to use a quadrat
San Francisco Bay Students Get Hands-On Ecology Lesson at Duxbury Reef
Over the course of several days, San Francisco Bay Area high school students ditch their textbooks and head to the beach for a hands-on ecology lesson. They collect sand crabs, holding the small...
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Kids and their grandfather at a beach clean-up
Tips for Organizing a Beach Clean-Up
Headed to the beach this summer for some sun and surf? Make sure it’s a safe, healthy place to visit by spearheading a beach clean-up. In 2007, the United States Senate and House of Representatives...
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Fresh seafood
How Safe is Your Seafood?
You are what you eat—in more ways than one. Whether you love to fish or you love to eat fish, seafood plays an important role in American life. You might make your living in the fishing industry or...
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Presentation at MSI Summit
Local Wildfire Helps Teach Students About Science and Ecology
Teenagers in Durango, Colorado, discuss hydrophobic soil with the ease that they discuss reality TV or Minecraft. Understanding that a fire can burn so hot that it can cause soil to repel rather than...
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Mikah Meyer at Horseshoe Bend National Park
Showing Pride in our National Parks
In April of 2019, Mikah Meyer became the first person to experience all 419 US National Park Service sites in one continuous trip. His journey began simply as a way to pay tribute his father’s love...
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