Family preparing a plan together
Make and Practice Your Hurricane Plan
If a hurricane hits, are you ready for it? In the midst of hurricane season (June 1 to November 30), it’s smart to think about your family’s safety by making hurricane preparations. Perfect timing!...
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Harpeth Volunteers: Trail Building at Harpeth River State Park
Tennessee State Parks Offer Unlimited Possibilities
At Tennessee State Parks we believe in the power of nature. We believe that having outdoor spaces where we can all escape and enjoy nature is an important part of a healthy society. With 56 parks...
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Carrie Richardson, Park Manager
Top 10 Tips to Rally NPLD Volunteers
Need some inspiration to generate some buzz before and during your upcoming National Public Lands Day (NPLD) event? NEEF reached out to a few experienced NPLD event organizers and asked them to share...
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US Army Corps of Engineers: Recreation Projects
US Army Corps of Engineers Recreation – Closer Than You Think!
Many people know about the outdoor recreation opportunities offered by our nation’s wildlife refuges, national parks and forests, but most do not know that the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)...
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A Bike Your Park Day group rode their bikes 10 miles each way
Bike Your Park on National Public Lands Day
Thousands of people throughout the United States will explore parks and public lands by bicycle on the same day— Bike Your Park Day on Saturday, September 28. September 28 is also National Public...
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NEEF's Backyard Activity Guide
STEM: "Wet" Students' Appetite with Water Activities
Your students might grab a glass of water to drink, turn the tap on to brush their teeth, take a shower at night, and fill their dog’s water bowl—all without even thinking about water quality. As an...
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Testing nutrients in the soil
Ever Heard of Nutrient Pollution?
In a season when throngs of people take to rivers, lakes, and oceans for some boating, fishing, and other on-the-water fun, it makes sense to draw attention to the importance of clean water. Since...
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Older people hydrating at the park
Staying Hydrated in the Summer Heat
With summer in full swing, how can you beat the heat , stay cool, and keep healthy when temperatures soar? Besides staying indoors in the air-conditioning and seeking shade when you’re outside, you...
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Toxic algae is closing beaches
Five Things You Can Do to Prevent Harmful Algal Blooms
This weekend, Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB), including blue-green algae closed all of Mississippi’s beaches . Much of the growth of these harmful algal blooms is exacerbated by nutrient pollution, which...
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