2017 Department of Defense NPLD Award Grantees
NEEF's National Public Lands Day (NPLD) is the nation's largest, single-day volunteer effort for public lands. The NPLD DoD Legacy Award offered funding of up to $6,500 for volunteer-based work...
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2017 Centennial and Beyond Fund Grantees
On August 25, 2016, National Park Services (NPS) celebrated its Centennial. To mark the pivotal year, NEEF, along with the Kendeda Fund, created the “Centennial and Beyond Fund” grant opportunity to...
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Red River Watershed
"Health and the Natural Environment" Grants Awarded to Projects Blending Education, Health, and Conservation
Grants totaling $32,000 were to be used towards volunteer and educational activities that restore America’s forests, promote healthy activity and teach participants how to protect the sustainability...
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The YMCA Keeps the Learning Rolling in Summer
Though the summer slide sounds like an exciting new piece of equipment at the local park, it really describes the decline in students’ achievement scores over summer vacation. But what if learning...
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Susan Sachs presenting information
Citizen Science Cultivates a Sense of Wonder
Susan Sachs has been a science educator for over 20 years, and even has a species of lichen named after her, an honor rarely bestowed on educators. However, pursuing this career path was not what a...
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Girls working on science projects with EcoLogik
Girls + Technology = Success
With 95% of US teens having access to a smartphone, and 45% saying they are online 'almost constantly'*, including technology in a project to engage youth is crucial to its success. Joining...
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Huei Chen teaching children
Giving Educators a Different Perspective on Teaching STEM
Hog farms and STEM education go together like peanut butter and jelly. Though it sounds odd, the unlikely duo is part of a workshop aimed at helping a group of North Carolina educators increase their...
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Hard of hearing options at Crystal Cave in Sequoia National Park
Breaking the Silence at Crystal Cave
“It was heartbreaking not being able to provide an experience where visitors felt welcome at Crystal Cave,” said Katie Wightman, Field Institute Director of the Sequoia Parks Conservancy (SPC), when...
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Kids and parents at an EE Week put on by the National Aquarium
Take STEM Education Outside During Environmental Education Week
If you gave students the choice of completing a worksheet or going outside, you already know the winner—nature! Besides being more fun for kids, going outside boosts cognitive function says the...
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