EE Week 2021: April 19-23

EE Week 2021 Webinars

Learn about getting your citizen science project off the ground, experiencing nature from the classroom, and talking to kids about climate change.

The following webinars were recorded during EE Week 2021:

Citizen Science Focus:

Greening STEM Focus:

Climate Change Focus:

Citizen Science Tools for Teachers

Looking for a way to engage students in environmental education that works equally well in a virtual or in-person format? NEEF will teach educators about citizen science through a webinar co-hosted with SciStarter, an online citizen science hub. The webinar will walk viewers through the process of creating, developing, and implementing a citizen science project. 

Recording: Getting Your Citizen Science Project Off the Ground

Speakers and presenting groups include: 

  • SciStarter: How to register a new citizen science project through their online database.
  • NASA’s GLOBE Program: A showcase of their citizen science tool, GLOBE Observer
  • Susan Sachs, Education Branch Coordinator at Great Smoky Mountains National Park, a NEEF grantee who will provide an overview of how they successfully incorporated citizen science into their educational programming.
  • Sean O’Connor, Citizen Science Program Manager, BSCS Science Learning, will provide overview of FieldScope platform.

Educators will walk away with an understanding of a few of the resources and platforms that exist to make creating a citizen science project easy and accessible. 

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Recording: Experience Nature from the Classroom 

Hundreds of time-lapse videos highlighting important environmental scenes are openly available via Chronolog, an environmental monitoring platform powered by citizen science. Observers get a first-hand view of environmental changes ranging from fire recovery to invasive species. Ky Wildermuth, Co-creator of the Chronolog project, demonstrates ways to use this free tool to enrich your curriculum.

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Developing Greening STEM Activities for the Classroom

Eager to put Greening STEM to the test in your classroom?

Recording: Greening STEM in a Classroom Setting

NEEF will host a one-hour live webinar with the Frost Museum of Science to discuss strategies for implementing Greening STEM in a formal classroom setting. The educators at Frost recently partnered with NEEF to introduce several Greening STEM activities to Miami-Dade County middle school STEM teachers during a professional development workshop. The Frost team will provide an overview of three biodiversity resources (available below) that were developed for implementation in virtual classrooms.

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Biodiversity EE Resources:

  • Reptiles Survey: Students are responsible for researching the relationship between the invasive Cuban brown anole and the native green anole found in South Florida. 
  • Promoting Pollinators: Students explore the world of pollinators by researching either honeybees or butterflies, focusing on what their needs are for a successful habitat and the threats they face in South Florida. 
  • Native vs Invasive Plants: Students engage in a mini BioBlitz by surveying their local surroundings to determine species richness and whether there are native or invasive plant species in their area. 

How to Talk About Climate Change with Kids

When it comes time to talk with children about climate change, it’s important to have a game plan.

Recording: How to Talk to Your Kids about Climate Change

Meri-Margaret Deoudes, President of The National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF) sat down with  Dr. Joellen Russell, a climate scientist and professor at the University of Arizona, to explore strategies for discussing climate change at home. Dr. Russell is a representative of Science Moms, a group of climate scientist and mothers, including Dr. Katharine Heyhoe and Dr. Melissa Burt, “who care deeply about the planet that our children will inherit.”

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Recording: Tips for Teaching Students about Climate Change

Robert Sendrey, K-12 Education Program Director at the National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF), interviews three teachers from the Climate Superstars Challenge to discuss how they used the contest to bring the subject of climate change into their classrooms. 

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