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Educator Toolkits
Expedition Toolkit

Learning Expedition Toolkit

The toolkit proceeds step-by-step from planning, to conducting, to presenting place-based projects. Additional resources and tips are included.
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Father and son looking at frozen waterfall in a cave

Hands on the Land Educator Toolkit

This toolkit features activity guides, lesson plans, and curriculum for all ages incorporating public lands from wetlands to urban forests to caves.
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Greening STEM Educator Toolkit

From designing wind turbines, to tracking invasive species with GPS, environmental projects inspire students to develop innovative STEM solutions.
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Nautilus shell spiral

Rooted in Math Educator Toolkit

This educator toolkit has lesson plans, activity ideas, and informational resources to help bridge the gap between mathematics and the natural world.
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Craters of the Moon science

Surrounded by Science Educator Toolkit

Use this collection of lesson plans and guides to help students discover more of the science going on around them, in and out of the classroom.
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Greening STEM kids collecting data at the shore

Engineering a Sustainable World Educator Toolkit

These lessons teach useful correlations, deeper understandings, and real world applications of skills students may not associate with engineering.
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Rooted In Math Infographic

Rooted in Math Infographic

When you take a closer look at the world, you might be surprised to find out how much of what we know about the environment is rooted in math.
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Surrounded by Science Infographic

Surrounded by Science Infographic

Explore some of the many ways science connects the world around us. Help increase our understanding of the environment through citizen science.
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Engineering and Our Planet infographic

Engineering and Our Planet Infographic

Explore the past, present, and future of environmental engineering, from the ancient Roman aqueducts to the renewable energy sources of tomorrow.
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STEM and Our Planet Infographic

STEM and Our Planet Infographic

The environment is a compelling context for teaching and engaging today's students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).
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Project Learning Tree
Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

11 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Lesson Ideas for Every Subject

Give "reduce, reuse, recycle" a whole new meaning by incorporating this concept into many subject areas, adaptable for any grade.
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Kids on their smartphones and tablets outside

Fun and Educational Science Apps for Students

Here are some engaging, educational apps recommended by Project Learning Tree that can be used to teach scientific concepts.
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New Online Units for Grades K-2, 3-5, and 6-8

Made for teachers, these new online units from Project Learning Tree are designed to engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate.
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Group training by Project Learning Tree

Professional Development for Environmental Education

Integrate environmental, sustainability education into your teaching & become comfortable teaching outdoors—in urban, suburban, & rural environments.
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Youth program at Zion National Park

Earth Day Activities to Inspire Students and Make a Difference

Here are some activities and ideas for students to raise awareness about protecting our planet and taking action this Earth Day and every day.
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Teaching with I-Tree

Teaching with i-Tree is designed to engage middle and high school students in STEM as they calculate the economic & environmental benefits of trees.
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Activity Guides
Butterflies on a branch

Animal Migration Activity Guide

Designed for elementary age kids, this activity guide can be used in a classroom or at home for fun and easy ways to learn about animal migration.
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Pollinator Activity Guide

Pollinator Backyard Activity Guide

Young explorers! Print out a copy of this activity worksheet, grab a pencil, and head outside to start your pollinator investigation!
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Water Quality Activity Guide

Water Quality Backyard Activity Guide

Use this activity guide to explore the topic of water quality. It's perfect for your next environmental investigation!
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Community Cleanup Activity Guide

Community Cleanup Activity Guide

Get your friends together and plan a community cleanup to help out in your neighborhood or school! This quick how-to guide will get you started.
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