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How does the Greening STEM approach benefit learners and educators?

Greening STEM promotes partnerships where formal and informal educators can gain experience and confidence by collaborating to design, develop, and co-deliver standards-based STEM learning activities. It uses place-based investigations of the natural environment and real-world challenges to engage learners, often on public lands or waters, to connect young people to the real-world problems that STEM education can prepare them to help solve. Greening STEM makes environmental issues relevant and accessible for educators and learners.

The Greening STEM approach is an adaptable framework for creating a series of integrated and holistic learning activities. Working with new educational partners and peers, educators develop collaborative leadership skills, improve proficiency at developing standards-aligned activities, and gain confidence in facilitating green STEM place-based learning. The Greening STEM approach is broad enough to accommodate the various educational standards and competencies, but does not require that every one of them be included. Educators using the Greening STEM approach are likely to become champions for organizational or systemic change.

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What is the Greening STEM approach?

Greening STEM is an education program model that bridges formal and non-formal STEM education. It integrates experiential learning of STEM, place-based environmental education, project-based learning, and community-based learning.

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Greening STEM in Action

Case studies of after-school programs are presented to illustrate the various components of Greening STEM. Overviews of the programs are complimented with short videos.

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Implementing the Greening STEM approach at your school or organization

Greening STEM is a collaborative endeavor, it really needs a team effort. Here’s some information on partnering.

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Collection of Resources

Looking for some ideas to get started? This curated collection of examples includes curriculum, lessons, and activities reviewed by Achieve, Inc. and NSTA.

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Greening STEM Idea Journal for Educators

We've made this handy PDF to guide you through the sections and give you a space to jot down ideas and get planning your own Greening STEM project.

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