Getting The Picture: Our Changing Climate

What better way to visualize and share the story of climate science than through the lens of a world-renowned photographer and adventurer? Critically acclaimed photographer James Balog—featured in the Emmy-Award winning documentary film Chasing Ice—is the founder of Earth Vision Institute and Extreme Ice Survey.

Balog’s specialty is traveling to far-off places to photograph extreme changes and give a "visual voice" to the planet’s threatened ecosystems. After Chasing Ice was released in 2012, educators from all over the nation approached Balog and his team with a quest for a new kind of adventure—to create an interactive educational resource to teach about climate science through art, science and adventure.

For many years, esteemed scientists, educators, explorers and photographers from around the world worked together to create Getting The Picture: Our Changing Climate. As a free, online, multi-media resource for educators and students of all ages, highlights from Getting The Picture include 30+ years of unique archives of media, film, photography and first-hand accounts of our changing climate from field researchers on the ground.

Sound science is key to communicating complex issues, especially when it comes to climate science. One of the top features found in Getting The Picture is the latest in climate research from leading experts and government agencies including NASA, NOAA, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Getting The Picture is also aligned with national education and science standards (NGSS, CCSS, Climate Literacy), and designed to be easy to use in conventional classrooms, as well as education centers, museums, and in a variety of teacher training programs. Educator and Student Resource pages are filled with additional resources such as games, activities, lesson plans, and ways to get involved. Through social media platforms like the Getting The Picture Teachers Forum on Facebook, educators are even able to exchange ideas and stay current on interesting topics to inspire their students.

Illustrating the delicate interaction between humans and nature through Earth Vision Institute’s classic Art+Science approach, Getting The Picture extends far beyond traditional learning and provides an engaging experience for students, educators, and all those who wish to explore the latest in climate science.


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