Restoration & Resilience COVID Recovery Fund FAQ


When are applications due?

The application is rolling until June 1. There will be four review periods during that time. Below are the submission dates for the review periods:

  • December 1
  • February 1
  • April 1
  • June 1

Once awarded, when do projects need to be completed?

All awarded applications must be completed in six months. Final reports will be due one month after the end of the award period.



Can municipalities and public school districts apply for this?

Yes. These qualify under the government agency category.


Can University X, which is privately owned but has publicly accessible land, apply? It is open to the public for recreation including hiking, biking, wildlife viewing, horse back riding and hunting.



Can an applicant apply only once per submission period, regardless of how many land sites they have, or that they can apply once per land site but have multiple applications in a submission period?

The latter. As the announcement indicate, Only ONE application can be submitted per submission period. Entities that oversee multiple landsites can submit one application per landsite, per submission period. If you have multiple landsites, your agency can apply for as many of those landsites as desired ONCE per submission period.



Do the application character limits include spaces?



If an organization is able to submit two applications at one time because they are proposing projects for two different landsites, do two different accounts have to be registered on the online portal?

You do not have to create a new organization account. However, please be sure 1) your proposals list the different land sites and 2) have different project titles.


It seems that one’s application must fit solely into one of the four categories described on the announcement.

This is incorrect. Please select all types that apply your project. Applicants can select more than one category.


It seems like volunteerism is an important part of the project proposal. Is including volunteer service in the project required to receive the grant?

As listed in the announcement and application, it is not a requirement. See below for the listed language:

  • If the project will include volunteers, applicants must describe the following:
    • How will volunteers be recruited? (PLEASE NOTE: Staff members and program-funded AmeriCorps members do not count as volunteers).
    • How applicants will ensure the safety of volunteers (social distancing, providing instructions for solo service projects, etc.)
      • Applicants will need to review and approve a disclaimer in the application related to in-person volunteer activities.
    • How the project will benefit visitors and the surrounding community when complete.
  • If the project will not include volunteers, please explain why.



Can the grant be applied to an already completed project?  Can we use grant money to recover our project costs?

Requested funds cannot be used for projects that have already been executed.


Do requested funds need to be matched?

No. However, if you will be using additional funds to complete your proposed project, please include that in your budget. Otherwise, reviewers may question if the proposed budget is unrealistic for what is being requested.


We have a federally approved (NICRA) indirect rate - is that an approved item for the "other" category on the budget template?

If the applicant has an indirect cost rate they would like to include in their budget, the indirect cost negotiation must be submitted along with the budget. You can list the approved item under Other with an explanation under the description section.


Partnership Letter

Whose letterhead should the Partnership Letter be on and who should sign it?

The submitted letterhead should be that of the land site the applicant is partnering with. For more details on the partnership letter, here are instructions from the application - “If the applicant is a 501(c)(3) organization or education institution, please attach a current partnership letter from the public land site. If the applicant is a state or federal government agencies, federally recognized tribes and local governments, or private land please skip this question. Letters of support should include the nature, structure, history, and/or current activities of your partnership. Letters must be on letterhead and may be addressed to Grants Administrator. Electronic signatures are accepted. Memorandum of Understanding, work plans, or other contracts or agreements will suffice as partnership letters. All letters should be submitted electronically, via the online grants system. Mailed letters will not be considered.”