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Biodiversity Resources for EE Week 2021

During EE Week 2021 NEEF hosted a one-hour live webinar with the Frost Museum of Science to discuss strategies for implementing Greening STEM in a formal classroom setting.

The educators at Frost recently partnered with NEEF to introduce several Greening STEM activities to Miami-Dade County middle school STEM teachers during a professional development workshop. The Frost team provided an overview of the following three biodiversity resources that were developed for implementation in virtual classrooms.

Reptiles Survey

Students are responsible for researching the relationship between the invasive Cuban brown anole and the native green anole found in South Florida.

Photo of iguana with words overlay Reptiles Survey and blue boarder with words Greening STEM Biodiversity Series Grades 6-8


Promoting Pollinators

Students explore the world of pollinators by researching either honeybees or butterflies, focusing on what their needs are for a successful habitat and the threats they face in South Florida. 

Photo of bees on flowers with words overlay Promoting Pollinators and yellow boarder with words Greening STEM Biodiversity Series Grades 6-8.


Native vs Invasive Plants

Students engage in a mini BioBlitz by surveying their local surroundings to determine species richness and whether there are native or invasive plant species in their area.

Photo of trees and plants with words overlay Native vs Invasive Plants and green boarder with words Greening STEM Biodiversity Series Grades 6-8.


Recorded Webinar: Greening STEM in a Classroom Setting

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