Rooted In Math Infographic

Rooted in Math

Take a closer look at how we study and interact with the environment. You might be surprised to see how much of the world is rooted in math. 

Greening STEM Educator Resources

The environment is a compelling context for teaching STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) as it provides teachers with a diverse range of real-world challenges that engage students in hands-on opportunities to apply and reinforce STEM concepts across multiple subject areas.

The following infographics, toolkits, activity guides, and video resources contain free educational material in popular environmental topic areas that incorporate elements of STEM. Many of the activities and resources include project-based learning, service-learning, and citizen science components. With such a wide range of Greening STEM applications, there is something for everyone. Take a look and find one that is right for you!

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Surrounded by Science Infographic

Surrounded by Science

From the front door to the solar system, science can be found everywhere. Explore some of the many ways science connects the world around us.
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Engineering and Our Planet infographic

Engineering and Our Planet

From ancient Roman aqueducts to renewable energy sources of tomorrow, engineering helps us meet some of the world's greatest challenges.
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STEM and Our Planet Infographic

STEM and Our Planet

This infographic illustrates the many ways STEM and environmental knowledge are becoming increasingly more important to US businesses and careers.
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Educator Toolkits

Greening STEM: Educator Toolkit

From designing wind turbines, to tracking invasive species with GPS, environmental projects inspire students to develop innovative STEM solutions.
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Nautilus shell spiral

Rooted in Math Educator Toolkit

Don’t have a plan for EE Week? Visit NEEF’s Greening STEM Learning Center for EE Week activity ideas.
Craters of the Moon science

Surrounded by Science: Educator Toolkit

Use this collection of lesson plans and guides to help students discover more of the science going on around them, in and out of the classroom.
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Greening STEM kids collecting data at the shore

Engineering a Sustainable World: Educator Toolkit

These lessons teach useful correlations, deeper understandings, and real world applications of skills students may not associate with engineering.
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Activity Guides
Monarch migration

Animal Migration Activity Guide

Designed for elementary age kids, this activity guide can be used in a classroom or at home for fun and easy ways to learn about animal migration.
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Pollinator Activity Guide

Pollinator Backyard Activity Guide

Young explorers! Print out a copy of this activity worksheet, grab a pencil, and head outside to start your pollinator investigation!
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Water Quality Activity Guide

Water Quality Backyard Activity Guide

Use this activity guide to explore the topic of water quality. It's perfect for your next environmental investigation!
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Community Cleanup Activity Guide

Community Cleanup Activity Guide

Get your friends together and plan a community cleanup to help out in your neighborhood or school! This quick how-to guide will get you started.
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Video Resources

Student STEM Hangout: Sharks at Shedd!

This sneak peek into the Sharks at Shedd program, you will see the sharks at the aquarium, learn about their care at Shedd, and watch a live feeding!
kid gardening

Growing Schoolyard STEM Projects Webinar

This webinar offers an introduction to applications of schoolyard green spaces as teaching tools for connecting environmental and STEM education.

Citizen Science Tackles Invasive Species Webinar

Students & community members contribute observations and expertise to invasive species citizen science efforts while learning about local ecosystems.