students rafting down the colorado river on a STEM trip

Video Series: Greening STEM in Action - Colorado Canyon

In May of 2021, NEEF partnered with the Bureau of Land Management and the Colorado Canyon Association for a Greening STEM demonstration project at McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area. See the benefits of this hands-on, experiential learning program from the students who learned about the impact of invasive species, specifically Russian Knapweed, on the riparian corridor of the Colorado River. As part of the project, students recorded data on invasive species density and learned about the viability of biological control by introducing Russian Knapweed Gall Wasps to prey on the invasive species in the area.


Students from Central High school take their Advanced Placement Environmental Science class outside to make the textbooks come alive.




When students are take their lessons into the natural world they can develop a lifelong commitment to stewardship for the special places they visit. This Greening STEM project had students experiencing the wonder of the natural landscape found close to home.




Here's how a number of different groups, including the Bureau of Land Management and Colorado Canyon Association came together to help make this project possible.


If you are interested in learning more about NEEF’s Greening STEM approach, including how you can apply this style of learning at your school or organization, please visit our Greening STEM Hub page or contact us at

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