NEEF Staff

New Year's Environmental Resolutions

Making New Year’s Resolutions? Consider the Environment!

Small steps can lead to big change. So while inspiring others to increase their environmental engagement, NEEF’s staff is renewing their own commitment to positive environmental actions. Read below for NEEF staff’s environmental pledges for 2018 and remember to include the environment when making your own goals for the New Year.


“I resolve to take the stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible.”

- Diane Wood, NEEF President

“I resolve to turn off the water when I am brushing my teeth.”

- TaKeisha Walker, Managing Director, Program Services

“I resolve not to ‘drip and drive.’ I will replace a leaking valve cover gasket now rather than waiting for my next scheduled oil change.”

- Robert Sendrey, Program Officer, Environmental Education

“My resolution is to use my fee free coupon from NPLD 2017 at a national park in a completely different state that I have never been to!”

- Arjumand Hamid, National Public Lands Day Manager

“In 2018, I resolve to skip a bag when I forget to bring along reusable shopping bags on grocery runs."

- Vernessa Perry, Program Officer, Health and Wellness

"My goal for 2018 is to take advantage of nearby public lands and make time to explore Rock Creek Park, Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, C&O Canal, and Prince William Forestamong others!”

- Emily Kamin, Program Associate

“I’m resolving to save water by taking shorter showers!”

- Sarah Blount, Research Officer

“In 2018 I commit to reducing my energy consumption by setting my thermostat to recommended energy saving levels during winter and summer months.”

- Janay’ Turner, Manager, Finance and Administration

“In 2018 I will eat less red meat.”

- Nancy Smith, Senior Director, Finance and Administration

“I will compost my household food scraps.”

- Nick Bradford, Senior Research Officer

“My resolution is to order less online and shop locally more often.”

- Sara Espinoza, Managing Director, Research and Best Practices & Chief Campaigns Strategist

“I already have my glass straws for beverages at home and at the office but I’d like to take my 'skip the straw'  effort a step further by avoiding plastic straws while eating out. I’ve noticed some places automatically give you a plastic straw so I resolve to ask for my beverage WITHOUT a straw when I order.”

- Ali Funk, Development Manager

“I will be more conscious of how much waste I produce. My #1 goal is to use fewer paper towels!”

- Dalia Johnson, Executive Assistant

“I will take reusable grocery bags with me to the grocery store and order less delivery.”

- Rahul Bhagnari, Digital Marketing and Technology Manager

“I pledge to take more walks outside.

- LaTavia McQueen, Communications Associate