Don't Miss These 7 Environmental Education Apps

Apps for Environmental Education

Understanding science, technology, engineering, and math is key to understanding the world around us.  As we celebrate Environmental Education week, Moms With Apps is proud to celebrate some of the amazing apps that help develop skills and knowledge in STEM subjects.

With apps, kids and adults alike can immerse themselves in new worlds and experiences both at home and within the classroom. Science learning can go beyond lectures by allowing kids to build their own biomes. Learning to code can help foster a curiosity in building the next great algorithm to address water pollution. Tinkering with machines can inspire the next great wind generator.  The possibilities are endless.

We also know that finding the right apps can be difficult. There are over a million apps out there. We’re making it a bit easier to find apps that will help you learn about the environment this week over at Moms With Apps. We are featuring environmental apps over on our home page and we’ve also added a special search feature so you can find all of our apps about the environment in one easy search. Hope you enjoy them. H-APPy Environmental Education Week!

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