Site Manager Manual for National Public Lands Day

Welcome to the NPLD Site Manager Manual. For added convenience and simplicity, the NPLD Site Manager Manual is now in a digestible, digital format and remains packed with the tools, documents, worksheets, resources, and other information you've come to rely on to help plan and execute a successful event. Whether this is your first NPLD or your 25th, we hope this manual will help you get the most out of your limited time and resources - from planning and promotion, through the day of the event and beyond.

Please note that more materials will be released over the next few weeks. When these materials are available, we will notify you via email.

However, we encourage you to think of this page as your own personal toolbox that you can quickly and easily reference at any time. We highly recommend bookmarking this page in your browser for added convenience.

If you'd prefer to print a copy of the Site Manager Manual, the PDF version of the updated manual, which will reflect the resources below, is coming soon and will be available for download from this page.

Have questions? Please reach out to us at Happy planning!

About NPLD
Stormy Clouds over Tunnel View in Yosemite

National Public Lands Day FAQ

Want to learn more about National Public Lands Day? This FAQ section has all the answers!
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NPLD & Federal Partners

A listing of all eight of the federal partners for National Public Lands Day.
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Promotional Tools
Volunteers at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, Washington DC

Site Manager Promotional Toolkit

Check out our collection of promotional content including photos, badges, graphics, and more!
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Planning and Implementing
Paisaje del Gran Cañon del Colorado

NPLD Planning Calendar

NEEF offers a sample planning calendar to help site managers and Friends Groups plan and carry-out their NPLD events.
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Yellowstone National Park

Create a Steering Committee

Create a steering committee to help plan and organize an event. Identify people who might serve as chairs of committees or task forces.
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Desert in New Mexico

Task Forces to Get the Work Done

The Task Force Worksheet provides a list of suggested tasks that may be helpful in planning your event.
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Sea Stacks at Kenai Fjords National Park

Find Volunteers

Site managers have many recommendations for how to run a successful event, but one of the most important is to plan for volunteer recruitment early.
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Antelope Canyon

Event Checklist

Create checklists to help site mangers prepare their sites and volunteers for the day of their event.
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Monument Valley

Media Release Forms

Site managers are encouraged to use the NEEF media release form for their volunteers.
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The Wave at Paria Canyon

Thanking Your Volunteers

Volunteers are much more likely to have a positive experience on NPLD and to return to your site if they feel they were appreciated for their efforts.
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Environmental Education Resources

Citizen Science

No matter your age, citizen science offers a chance for everyone to get involved and contribute to the wealth of information we know about our planet.
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Hands on the Land at Olympic National Park

Greening STEM Learning Center

Every classroom has a STEM lab right outside their doors. National Environmental Education Week, which takes place every year in April, showcases ways teachers use the outdoors to teach STEM.
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Tinkergarten | NEEF

NEEF and Tinkergarten

Tinkergarten® brings high quality early childhood education to a park near you led by trained, certified community leaders.
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A proclamation is a letter signed by a government official that declares a particular day in support of an action, cause or policy.
See the NPLD Proclamations!

Other Resources
Picnic by Lake by Jeff

Public Lands Every Day

Volunteering on public lands is a great way for kids and families to get outdoors together for stewardship, community building, and good health!
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NEEF offers a variety of grants and awards in order to support and highlight the great work being done across the nation at the local level.
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