Create a Steering Committee

Create a steering committee to help plan and organize a Public Lands Day event. Identify people who might serve as chairs of committees or task forces.

Members might include:

  • Employees of the public land hosting your event
  • Leaders of existing volunteer groups who currently support the site (“Friends of” groups)
  • Local and state natural resource agency representatives
  • Local merchants (sporting goods, hardware) and business leaders
  • City or county government officials
  • Leaders of youth groups or scout troops
  • Representatives of sportsmen’s clubs and conservation groups
  • Government or local retiree

The role of the steering committee is to work with the public land staff to plan and organize the event. Some suggestions for the initial meeting of the steering committee:

  • Decide the scope and direction of the Public Land Event
  • Help decide on projects
  • Develop a work plan for the Public Land Event
  • Determine the number of hours and volunteers needed
  • Determine if an environmental education component will be part of the day’s activities
  • Determine the need for entertainment and food
  • Determine how volunteers will be recognized (certificates, letters, gifts, etc.)
  • Decide on any additional committees or task forces that will be needed
  • Develop a “rainy day” plan