Presidential, Mayoral, and Gubernatorial Proclamations

A proclamation is a letter signed by a government official that declares a particular day in support of an action, cause, or policy. The first proclamation in American history was signed into effect on October 3, 1789 by President George Washington to commemorate the first Day of National Thanksgiving.

Presidential, as well as mayoral and gubernatorial, proclamations are incredibly important to those devoted to a specific cause. They demonstrate to supporters, potential donors, and to the general public that they have an ally in the White House and amongst their local, elected officials. 2016 marked the eighth year in a row that President Barack Obama issued a presidential proclamation declaring the nation-wide recognition of National Public Lands Day and its focus on volunteerism, education, recreation, and the protection of public lands. You can download a copy of the 2016 NPLD presidential proclamation here to help support your local event.

States, cities, and towns can show their support for National Public Lands Day by issuing these ceremonial proclamations. Proclamations can be used by site managers to draw additional media attention, to encourage participation, and to add legitimacy to their event. If you are interested in obtaining an NPLD proclamation from your local, elected officials, contact us at and ask about the status of proclamations in your local area.

We have included all of the signed 2015 NPLD gubernatorial and mayoral proclamations for you to use in the resource map below. In addition, we have added 2016 proclamations to each state in the map, and will continue to collect them leading up to National Public Lands Day. If you click on a state, you will go to a page with all of the 2015 and 2016 proclamations for that state. You can use these proclamations to demonstrate to supporters, potential donors and to the general public the legitimacy and value of NPLD and your event.

Congressional Dear Colleague Letters in recognition of NPLD

Each year, NEEF requests members of the Senate and House of Representatives sign a Dear Colleague Letter about National Public Lands Day. Once signed, this letter is distributed to their colleagues in Congress. Similar to a proclamation, the Dear Colleague Letter is one way Congress declares a particular day in support of an action, cause, or policy.  You can find the 2016 Congressional Dear Colleague Letter for the House here and for the Senate here.

Five Tips to Incorporate a Gubernatorial Proclamation into your #NPLD Event:

  1. Put it to use. The proclamation could be used to entice your local newspapers and TV networks to cover your event or spread the word about your event before the big day.
  2. Expand your reach. Use a variety of marketing platforms to inform the public about your governor’s support, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others.
  3. Give it a boost. Create an informative and captivating Facebook post about the gubernatorial proclamation to extend the reach of the event.
  4. Propose a speech. Invite your governor or other local dignitary to make an appearance at your NPLD event and see if they will give an opening speech.
  5. Keep it handy. Have a few copies of the proclamation at your event for supporters, sponsors, and the general public to see.