Section I: Tell Us About Your Event


To help ensure that your event is grouped with existing sites, the above field is autocomplete (type in a word and there will be suggestions for you to choose from). If you see your site already, select it. If you do not, go ahead and type in the name of the site.

Please indicate the number of adult-sized t-shirts below:

Please provide the address of the main meeting location for your event. If there are multiple locations, please indicate in the event description below.
Include special instructions for participants, along with what participants should expect during the event.
You may select more than one option.
Most NPLD sites take place at a central location. However, larger areas (i.e. Yosemite National Park) have events at multiple distinct locations within one unit (i.e. campgrounds, trails, day-use areas, etc.). A single public land unit can have multiple sites with multiple projects at each site.
A work project is a single activity taking place at the site. A single site can have multiple work projects.
Please enter numbers only.

Section II: Tell Us About The Event Coordinator


If your site is managed by a federal agency, you may be eligible to receive fee-free coupons for your participants. The number of coupons that are shipped are based on the participant estimate.
Coupons can only be mailed to federal employees. If you are not a federal employee, please supply the contact information for your federal event partner.
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