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2021 Resolve to Save Calendar

Download the 2021 Resolve to Save Calendar

Looking to make some changes in your routines this year? To help get you there, check out the free, downloadable 2021 Resolve to Save calendar. This resource is full of tips and strategies for making the most of what you have, conserving resources and minimizing your environmental impact along the way. Each month in the calendar has a different theme, such as the conservation of water, energy, or gas, with a background fact and two resolutions provided. No two households are alike, so the calendar of resolutions is customizable—two actions have been suggested, but there are blanks left on each list. Talk with your friends, family, or roommates to brainstorm additional ways you can save water, energy, and other resources in your day-to-day life. To get some inspiration, check out:


Download the 2021 Resolve to Save Calendar below