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Get Dirty! Ambassador Program

Get Dirty! Ambassador


am·bas·sa·dor [amˈbasədər] noun

A person authorized to represent a group, often delivering messages on the group’s behalf or promoting a specified activity, in this case the Get Dirty! Challenge.

To be selected as an official Get Dirty! Ambassador you must be willing to:

  • learn new things related to nature, weather + climate, and health
  • develop and use skills to plan, lead and report on a learning expedition
  • partner with a school, club, program, or organization and a group of peers
  • promote actions people can take to make the world a better place

Read more to decide if you have what it takes to be a Get Dirty! Ambassador and lead a learning expedition.

Get Dirty! Expeditions


ex∙pe∙di∙tion [ekspə’diSH(ə)n] noun

An organized journey, trip or outing made by a group of people for a particular purpose especially that of exploration, scientific research, and in this case environmental education.

Throughout history great discoveries have been made by curious individuals willing to undertake an expedition in order to gain a better understanding of our world.  If selected as Get Dirty! Ambassadors you too will plan and lead an expedition to explore an environmental issue and report to others what you learn. A toolkit has been developed to assist Get Dirty! Ambassadors and their sponsor with each task.

To help cover the costs of going on an expedition, awards of $3,500 will be given to the school, club or organization that sponsors a group of five Get Dirty! Ambassadors.  After-school and out-of-school youth programs are also eligible sponsors.  The awards can be used for group transportation and other expedition related expenses such as investigative tools, equipment, gear, and presentation materials.  In addition, each of the five Get Dirty! Ambassadors will receive a $300 award for their participation in planning, leading, and reporting on their Get Dirty! Expedition.


Successful expedition proposals will include in-depth study of a compelling environmental topic that will generate cumulative knowledge that can be presented to the public and a portfolio of products that demonstrates what the five Get Dirty! Ambassadors learned.  The tasks to be undertaken and completed should require perseverance, craftsmanship, imagination, self-discipline, and result in significant achievement.

To gain a broad understanding of the environmental issue being explored, Get Dirty! Ambassadors will need to partner with people responsible for wildlife or other natural resources or a public land, such as a national, state, or local park.  Upon completion of the expedition the Get Dirty! Ambassadors will make a presentation to other members of their community sharing what they have learned and actions people can take.

Submitting a proposal

NEEF is not currently accepting new proposals.