Tinkergarten | NEEF

NEEF and Tinkergarten

Tinkergarten® brings high quality early childhood education to a park near you. They believe that the richest learning environment is outdoors, and independent exploration and well-designed play-based activities are the keys to developing a host of important capabilities, including self-reliance, creativity, persistence and grit, and problem solving. Tinkergarten’s expert-designed curriculum helps kids ages 1-8 years old develop, grow and better prepare, while they enjoy fun, engaging experiences in the physical freedom of their local green space. Tinkergarten is supported by a technology platform used to recruit, train and deploy leaders, and to enroll and communicate with families. Tinkergarten classes are led by trained, certified leaders, often parents, who bring a healthy, social, and engaging learning experience to their community. Anyone can nominate a leader or find a class in their community. Tinkergarten is making high quality early childhood accessible to all.

For more information please email us at pled@neefusa.org