Chris Strager

Mr. Strager is the director of the National Weather Service (NWS) Central Region in Kansas City, Missouri. The Central Region contains 45 NWS offices with nearly 1,000 employees spread across 14 states. Mr. Strager started his meteorological career as an enlisted weather observer with the Air Force in 1978. He left Air Force active duty in May 1992 to begin his career with the NWS.  Mr. Strager held a variety of posts at the NWS in Maine, Ohio, North Dakota, Pennsylvania and Alaska. In February 2010, Mr. Strager became the director for NWS Eastern Region.  In March 2011 Mr. Strager came to NWS Headquarters as the NWS advisor for science and service integration. His tasks were to develop the "NWS Roadmap" and to lead the agency’s Weather-Ready Nation (WRN) initiative. This document and the WRN initiative will shape and guide NWS operations through the year 2020 and beyond. In March 2013 he was asked to concurrently lead the Office of Climate, Water and Weather as the acting director.  Mr. Strager started his current position as the central region director in October 2014. Mr. Strager received his bachelor of science degree in meteorology from the Pennsylvania State University in May 1983 and his master’s degree in meteorology from Texas A&M University in August 1989.

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