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NEEF thrives on the support of our foundation partnerships. Many NEEF program investments were launched by private foundations open to contributing to new ventures.

We are very grateful for the ongoing, generous, and diverse support we receive through foundation partners. Through these partners, NEEF has:

  • Developed a network of broadcast meteorologists who reach 90 million households with practical tips that people can use every day to save money and protect their health.
  • Produced energy efficiency content that is distributed in partnership with NBA Green to help more Americans take simple energy efficient actions in their own homes.
  • Provided thousands of classroom teachers and informal educators with tools and resources to place STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) subjects in an environmental context.

NEEF is committed to facilitating public-private partnerships to advance environmental education nationwide. Indeed, due to our congressional charter, NEEF is required to match private dollars to federal dollars it receives as a recipient of a congressional appropriation through the US Environmental Protection Agency.

For additional information on NEEF partnerships, please contact info@neefusa.org.

Foundation supporters over the past few years include:




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Alisann and Terry Collins Foundation
Alpin J. and Alpin W. Cameron Memorial Fund
The Vidda Foundation
R.K. Mellon Family Foundation




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