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Tip Sheet: EE Week for Everyone

What is EE Week:

NEEF’s National Environmental Education Week 2020 (EE Week) will take place on April 20-24, 2020, and is the nation’s largest celebration of environmental education (EE), inspiring environmental learning and stewardship among K-12 students across the country. Open to anyone who is helping share environmental knowledge in some way or is encouraging others to learn more about the planet, events and projects can take place in classrooms, after-school clubs, parks, nature centers, zoos, aquariums, museums, at home, or any other location!

Here are some great ways to get involved!


Examples of common EE Week events:

  • Visit a local park, forest, lake or other public land site to learn more about the native wildlife and plant species common to your area. Pick up a local guide book to help you identify trees, birds, or other species.
  • Visit a zoo, aquarium, or museum.
  • Join a local Earth Day event to see who else is celebrating in your community and how. If you can’t find one already taking place you can organize your own!


Here are some ready-to-go resources to get you started:

  • Gather some friends or family and organize a community cleanup. This easy-to-follow Activity Guide can help get you started with all of the basics and steps you’ll need for a successful cleanup activity.
  • Learn more about Extreme Weather and Climate through one of NEEF’s free online courses. In Extreme Weather 101, you will learn "the basics" about extreme weather and climate change, including how scientists know the climate is changing and how climate change impacts extreme weather, projected changes in extreme weather in the United States, and how to prepare yourself and your family for the impacts of extreme weather and climate change.
  • NEEF’s Educator Toolkits can be used by anyone and offer free lesson plans, activities, and resources for exploring Greening STEM. Browse these links to find ideas and suggestions of projects or activities to get you started!


Learn more about EE Week here.