Environmental Tips

UV Index

You’ve probably heard of the heat index or the wind chill index—both help us make decisions about how to protect our health when we go outdoors.

Lifelong UV protection

About 23% of a person’s lifetime exposure to UV radiation occurs before age 18. When you head outside for your next adventure, don’t forget sunscreen.

Burn Wisely

Many of us turn to a wood-burning stove or fireplace to keep warm during the cold winter months, but these heat sources can threaten indoor air quality with smoke if not handled properly.

Be a fan of energy savings

On hot days, using your ceiling fan can allow you to raise your thermostat setting about four degrees without sacrificing your comfort, saving you money and energy. 

Let a little light in

Space heating is the largest energy expense for the average home in the United States.

Have it made in the shade

In a neighborhood that is shaded by trees, summer air temperatures can be up to six degrees cooler!