Online Courses: Weather and Environment

In partnership with the COMET Program, NEEF provides a series of free, online courses on weather and the enviroment. These courses count for continuing education credit through the American Meteorological Society's Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM) program and are useful for anyone interested in learning more. These courses are hosted by the COMET Program and free registration is required.

COMET Weather and Health

Weather and Health (2 hours)

This two-hour course provides an understanding of the impacts of weather and climate on public health. It also introduces learners to the public health communication system, informing them about reliable public health support services, tools, and resources available. Broadcast meteorologists will gain ideas for partnering with their local public health agencies to incorporate health messages into their weathercast.

COMET Weather and the Built Environment

Weather and the Built Environment (1 hour)

This one-hour course provides broadcast meteorologists, educators, and the public with an overview of the evolution of our modern urban environment, with a focus on impacts on the watershed, air quality, climate, and local and severe weather events. Each unit in the course includes information on ways to reduce our impact on our water and air with ideas ranging from simple changes in our commuting and housekeeping habits to changes in how we build houses and roads.

COMET Watersheds

Watersheds: Connecting Weather to the Environment (2 hours)

This two-hour course provides an understanding of a watershed as the local environment in which people’s actions and decisions play against the background of daily and seasonal weather to affect the quality and health of the local watershed in which they live, as well as the larger system of watersheds.