We've Transformed! Announcing Our New Brand and Website

NEEF is thrilled to introduce our new brand and Phase 1 of our redesigned and re-imagined website, two changes which signal a broader transformation that has been in the works for many months.

Today, as Americans face a new normal of extreme weather, environmental health issues and limited access to nature, people are thinking and talking about the environment, and their connection to it, as never before.

With this unprecedented opportunity to reach and engage a receptive populace at a critical time, NEEF's strategic plan focuses on connecting people to the environment where it intersects our daily lives - via nature, weather + climate, and health. Building on our track record of engaging with trusted professionals, we are also expanding our reach with new campaigns and partners.

For environmental education to resonate with a diverse general public, NEEF's brand identity needed to evolve as well. A new logo, color palette, and messaging not only unifies the organization under a common brand, but also repositions NEEF at the intersection of education and environment.

We hope you share our excitement for this transformation. We look forward to working with you to welcome and engage all Americans in ensuring the wellbeing of the earth and its people.