Get Dirty! Learning Expedition Toolkit
Jan 10, 2018 / by admin
Happy kids running along the beach

Turn your next trip outdoors into a learning expedition with the Get Dirty! Learning Expedition Toolkit. This guide is designed to assist in planning an instructive and memorable outing that incorporates best practices for outdoor environmental education.

The toolkit proceeds step-by-step from planning, to conducting, to presenting place-based projects. Additional resources and tips are suggested. Supplemental activities that develop goal setting, leadership, and team building skills are also included.

In this toolkit, you will find suggestions and requirements for planning and completing a successful learning expedition. As a Get Dirty! program ambassador, you will lead this effort, but like any good leader you will need the help of others. Suggested roles for others participating in the expedition include an assistant, a scribe, a navigator, a logistician, a communications person, activity leaders and adult chaperones. While one person can perform several of these roles, recruiting helpers and delegating tasks to them is an important leadership skill.

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