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NEEF mobilizes public and private funding to support community-based projects and respond to critical and emerging needs in K-12 education, conservation, and health. 

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2023-2024 NPS-21st CCLC Greening STEM Grants

Delivering STEM education on National Park lands for under-resourced communities.

2023-2024 Bureau of Land Management Greening STEM Grants RFA

The BLM continues to collaborate with NEEF to build the capacity of BLM field sites to use components of NEEF...

2023-2024 USDA Forest Service Greening STEM Grants

USDA Forest Service (FS) and NEEF collaborate to build the capacity of FS units to use components of NEEF’s...

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Please submit your proposal through online system by the deadline and review eligibility criteria and guidelines as they vary by grant program. Unfortunately, we cannot accept unsolicited proposals and cannot provide information on grants that are not currently open. 

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 If you encounter web platform accessibility issues accessing grant documents or the grant application, please contact us immediately at grantsadmin@neefusa.org and we will provide accessibility accommodations.

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Grants FAQ

We answer frequently asked questions regarding the NEEF's grants, as well as a glossary to help define terms that you may see. 

Recently Awarded Grants

2023 Biodiversity Conservation Grantees Nurture Pollinators and Empower Communities

With major support from Toyota Motor North America, NEEF is providing $200,000 in grant funding toward the...

2022-2023 Driving Mobility and Accessibility on Public Lands Grant

With support from Toyota Motor North America, the National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF) awarded...

NEEF Announces Awardees for 2022-2023 Forest Service Greening STEM Grant

The National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF) is proud to announce the awardees of the 2022-2023...

NEEF Announces 2022-2023 Awardees of NPS-21st Century Community Learning Centers (CCLC) Greening STEM Grant

The National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF) is proud to announce the awardees of this year's NPS...

Featured Grantee Outcomes

NPLD Champion Protects Endangered Species at Military Installations with Help from Volunteers

Allowing volunteers to be directly involved with real conservation biology creates a ripple effect that...

Trail Access Project Conquers New Terrain with NEEF Grant

Thanks to a grant from NEEF, the Trail Access Project has expanded its Adaptive Hiking Program to help people...

How Olmsted Parks Conservancy Protects Biodiversity by Tackling Invasive Species

Invasive species are a growing environmental challenge. NEEF grantee Olmsted Parks Conservancy is installing a...

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Project Budget Template

NEEF is committed to supporting grant applicants in their budgeting process by providing a user-friendly...

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