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Public lands managers can increase accessibility for people with disabilities at the sites they manage by implementing universal design strategies to solve
July is Park and Recreation Month, a celebration of the benefits that local parks and rec departments provide to communities.
NEEF has a quick refresher on environmental hazards for pets that can cause major problems for your canine (or feline!) companion this summer.
Learn about NEEF’s environmental and health grant application process, such as what to include and what to leave out when writing a successful grant.
A changing climate impacts the quality and quantity of water in US rivers. Observed and projected changes in precipitation intensity, groundwater runoff
Discover how rising global sea surface temperatures impact climate, weather, and marine life like coral reefs, as well as what you can do to help.
Transform your summer break into a family volunteer vacation on public lands—bond through trail maintenance, beach clean-ups, and citizen science projects
NEEF's Health program highlights the connection between climate and mental health and how to improve health equity by increasing access to the outdoors.
More than 100 estuaries are located in the United States, providing habitat for wildlife and supporting coastal economies. Learn how to visit (and protect) an
Children are more vulnerable to risks like asthma associated with climate change due to several factors. Help protect your family by understanding and preparing