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July is Park and Recreation Month, a celebration of the benefits that local parks and rec departments provide to communities.
Transform your summer break into a family volunteer vacation on public lands—bond through trail maintenance, beach clean-ups, and citizen science projects
NEEF's Health program highlights the connection between climate and mental health and how to improve health equity by increasing access to the outdoors.
Children are more vulnerable to risks like asthma associated with climate change due to several factors. Help protect your family by understanding and preparing
Studies show that adding green spaces reduces community violence while supporting public health and environmental justice.
Discover the effects of climate change and warmer winters on human health.
January is National Radon Action Month. The following information can help you protect yourself and your family from exposure to radon gas and improve your home
Want to get outdoors, but wintry weather is stopping you? Check out this list of fun outdoor winter activities that provide both physical and mental health
The third week of September is Asthma Peak Week due to a seasonal uptick in asthma triggers. Learn how to keep you and your children healthy and prevent asthma
With about 80% of the US population living in cities, millions are at an increased vulnerability to heat waves and a changing climate. Learn about urban heat