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Programs and resources that inspire, mobilize, and improve access for people to conserve, sustainably use, and develop a deeper connection with our public lands

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At NEEF, we seek to cultivate an environmentally conscious and responsible public by providing opportunities for all Americans to give back to their local public lands through volunteer service.

In addition to National Public Lands Day, the nation’s largest single-day volunteer effort for public lands, our programs and initiatives inspire and mobilize everyday Americans to help conserve, sustainably utilize, and develop a deeper connection with our public lands.

Value of NPLD Volunteer Work Over the Last Decade


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National Public Lands Day
NEEF’s National Public Lands Day is the nation’s largest single-day volunteer event for public lands.


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Public Lands Engagement
Resources to increase community participation and benefit from public lands events. 


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Restoration & Resilience Fund
Supporting community-based projects responding to critical and emerging needs

Recovery and Healing on Public Lands

NPLD 2022
Creating Spaces for Healing

The 2022 NPLD event in Great Smoky Mountains National Park highlighted how being outdoors and volunteering on NPLD is not only beneficial to public lands but can positively affect our mental health.

2020 Restoration & Resilience
Funding Our Public Lands Recovery

Take a deep dive into the projects supported by NEEF's Restoration & Resilience Fund. In 2020 and 2021, the Fund distributed resources and mobilized volunteers to repair, clean, and recover our public lands that experienced drastic surges in usage during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Funding Opportunities and Outcomes

NEEF’s grants support projects dedicated to the restoration, resilience, and conservation of public lands. This includes projects that increase accessibility and diversity in these shared spaces and use them as outdoor classrooms for STEM and Environmental Education for people of all ages. 


NEEF drives change with conservation, health, and environmental education grants. Empowering diversity and...

NEEF Conservation Grant Supports Biodiversity in the California Floristic Province

NEEF and Toyota funded $220,000 for biodiversity conservation in California's Floristic Province. Four...

Bay Area Nonprofit Drives Accessibility on Public Lands Thanks to NEEF Grant

Picture this: It's a beautiful summer Saturday. You've been looking forward to checking out the new hiking...

Man speaking to group in mountain outdoor setting
Public Lands Engagement

America's shared natural spaces are the perfect environment for people to learn about and connect to our environment. Integrate health and education activities and concepts into your next community engagement event using our detailed public lands engagement guides.

Conservation Stories

Check out the stories below to learn more about NEEF's conservation programs and initiatives.

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