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A changing climate impacts the quality and quantity of water in US rivers. Observed and projected changes in precipitation intensity, groundwater runoff
Discover how rising global sea surface temperatures impact climate, weather, and marine life like coral reefs, as well as what you can do to help.
More than 100 estuaries are located in the United States, providing habitat for wildlife and supporting coastal economies. Learn how to visit (and protect) an
Groundwater is an important source of drinking water for over 145 million Americans. Celebrate National Groundwater Awareness Week each year in March by
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Youth are learning that they can go away to pursue STEM education and come back and help manage these lands that their people have historically lived on.
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Discover the link between climate change, El Niño patterns, and increased hurricane intensity in the US. Learn about tropical cyclone development, sea level
Get ready for Water Quality Month by learning about harmful algal blooms and the threat they pose to water quality. Find out what they are, why they appear, and
Discover the impact of marine debris and plastic pollution on oceans, ecosystems, and biodiversity. Learn about solutions and educational resources for
Water: it’s essential to life on Earth … and often taken for granted. When was the last time you thought about where water comes from when you turn on the
Heading to the beach this summer? By riding the global ocean conveyor belt, that seawater that you're splashing in may have traveled the planet—and the seven