NEEF 2015 Year in Review

NEEF has a vision: By 2022, 300 million people actively use environmental knowledge to ensure the wellbeing of the earth and its people.

Through science-based resources, programming for all ages, and work with trusted partners and professionals, NEEF is connecting Americans to the environment where it intersects our daily lives - via nature, weather + climate, and health.

Just a few of NEEF's 2015 highlights...

Surrounded by Science Educator Toolkit

From the front steps to the solar system, science can be found everywhere. NEEF has put together this collection of lesson plans and curriculum guides to help educators introduce students to some of the many ways they can discover more of the science going on around them, both within the classroom and in the field.

2015 Report to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator

(From The National Environmental Education Advisory Council) Humans have always been dependent on the planet’s natural resources for survival. Human health is directly linked to the health of the environment on which it depends. Fertile soil, plentiful and clean water, fresh air, and the wise use of natural resources not only influence quality of life, but also contribute to economic prosperity, national security, and sustainability.

Surrounded by Science Infographic

From the front door to the solar system, science can be found everywhere. Explore some of the many ways science connects the world around us. Help increase our understanding of the environment through citizen science.

Apps for Outdoor Activity

NEEF’s Apps for Outdoor Activity lists 10 free apps, providing children and their families ideas on where to go and what to do outdoors.

Children’s Health and Nature Fact Sheet

NEEF's comprehensive Children's Health and Nature Fact Sheet contains highlights of published literature supporting the health benefits of the natural environment.

Asthma Environmental History Form

NEEF’s Environmental History Form for Pediatric Asthma Patient in English and Spanish is intended for use with children already diagnosed with asthma.