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Employee Engagement

Partnering with companies to integrate environmental education and sustainability goals into engagement opportunities for employees

Crucial for Business and the Environment

The 130 million private sector employees in the United States can play an important role in reducing waste, increasing energy and water efficiency, and taking other actions to help achieve Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals.

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Employee Engagement
Meet Your Goals

NEEF works with organizations on engagement campaigns to increase awareness and support for CSR and ESG priorities, encourage team members to take action on sustainability at work, as well as at home and in their communities. Let’s work together to meet your goals.


NEEF collaborates with industry leaders including International Paper, 3M, Kimberly-Clark, Intel, and partners including GreenBiz, to share, develop, and report on best practices and demonstrate real-world case studies of companies that are embedding sustainability into their culture. 

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Case Study

Creating Effective Sustainability-Focused Employee Engagement for a Virtual Workforce

3M and NEEF teamed up for the 3M Global Employee Sustainability Challenge to engage staff on 3M's sustainability framework.

Winning in the Marketplace and the Workplace

This report from NEEF highlights the correlation between corporate sustainability programs and employee job...

Toward Engagement 2.0: Creating a More Sustainable Company through Employee Engagement

NEEF's report examines how leading companies are moving toward a more strategic approach to employee...

The Business Case for Environmental & Sustainability Employee Education

This white paper provides examples of emerging trends and best practices in employee engagement and education.

Sustainability & Employee Engagement: The State of The Art

This report details the challenges facing sustainability professionals and executives who want to make...

International Paper Partners with NEEF to Sponsor Multiple Events for National Public Lands Day

National Public Lands Day (NPLD) is the largest single-day volunteer effort for America's public lands. Each...

Nearly 90% of employees engaged in their company’s sustainability work say it enhances their job satisfaction and overall feelings about the company.

NEEF’s Winning in the Workplace and the Marketplace report
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White Paper

Engaging Hourly Employees in Sustainability and Community Service Increases Job Satisfaction

International Paper and NEEF collaborated on sustainable hourly employee engagement strategies, aiming to create a model for community engagement in their US manufacturing plants.

Engagement in Action

Employee Engagement in the Age of COVID-19

Thanks to a previous partnership with NEEF, International Paper was able to solve employee engagement problems...

Spectrum Brands Employees Volunteer at Public Land Sites in Four States

Employees of Spectrum Brands Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: SPB), the parent company of market-leading brands such as...

The Heart of Memphis Celebrates National Public Lands Day

Uncover the story of International Paper's employee engagement on National Public Lands Day, working with NEEF...

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