Greening STEM Projects

Hands-on environmental investigations that make STEM relevant and connected to young people's lives. 

making STEM learning local

NEEF’s Greening STEM projects engage youth in hands-on STEM activities tackling real-world challenges. Through partnerships with community groups, land management agencies, and funders, NEEF equips educators with the necessary resources for meaningful learning experiences for all young people.


of schools served by Greening STEM grants receive Title I funds

Successful Greening STEM Projects

Greening STEM projects provide authentic learning experiences that deepen learning while reinforcing a sense of belonging and pride in the local environment.

A Comprehensive Experience
Outdoor Education

Students from Central High School in Grand Junction, Colorado, discovered the rugged beauty in their backyard while collecting scientific data and learning about the impact of invasive species. NEEF partnered with the Bureau of Land Management and the Colorado Canyon Association to give these students an unforgettable experience.

Connecting Communities
Youth and the Environment

Students from Benjamin Franklin Middle School (BFMS) in Teaneck, New Jersey, learned about the local watershed through hands-on water quality monitoring and biomonitoring studies in a nearby river. NEEF partnered with Teaneck Creek Conservancy, Samsung, and BFMS to help students make important connections between the health of the river and the community.


Greening STEM projects bring STEM learning about the environment to life on public lands of all sizes, from creeks and canyons to prairies and mountains. NEEF helps guide collaboration between community partners to develop and implement educational experiences that promote environmental stewardship for young people from diverse backgrounds.

To learn more about NEEF’s Greening STEM projects throughout the country, visit our interactive StoryMap below.


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Highlighted Story

Greening STEM Project Gives Students Hands-On Outdoor Experience

Seventh grade students from Bettendorf Middle School in the Quad Cities are spending two weeks restoring and learning about this valuable ecosystem as part of a Greening STEM project supported by the National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF) and Arconic Foundation. 

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