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    NEEF 2019 Impact

    As this year—and the decade—draws to a close, we’d like to highlight some of our most recent successes and share how thrilled we are to continue our mission of making the environment more accessible, relatable, relevant, and connected to the daily lives of all Americans in 2020 and beyond.

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  • Girl blowing a dandelion

    Pediatric Asthma

    Developed in partnership with the CDC National Asthma Control Program, NEEF's Environmental Management of Pediatric Asthma Guidelines training equips pediatric health care providers and clinicians with knowledge and tools to manage environmental asthma triggers and intervention strategies.

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  • Mountain Studies Institute volunteers at an event

    Helping a Community Heal Through Environmental Stewardship

    After the sixth-largest wildfire in Colorado history, this non-profit put NEEF's $20,000 grant to work helping the community recover.

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  • Man hauling lumber at Mountains to Sound event

    30 Years of Change in the Snoqualmie Valley

    From abandoned cars and clandestine labs to the best hiking spots in the US, this recreation area just outside of Seattle continues its impressive transformation.

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