Young child outdoors with paper bionoculars looking up
Environmental Education
Environmental Education Group Games and Activities

A collection of fun, active, and engaging games to help children of all ages learn about the environment.

Environmental education games are not only fun, but can help explain complex topics and relationships found in ecosystems. The following games have been selected according to their suitability in both formal and non-formal situations and their educational value. Please enjoy trying them out and don’t forget to have fun!

Bat and Moth (Dolphins and crabs, etc.)

Environmental Education Games and Activities
Hopscotch diagram on sand

Migration Hopscotch

Owls, Mice, and Shrubs (aka Seals, Fish, Kelp, etc.)

Man tagging woman running
Young girl with smiling and looking a colored rocks


For the Common Good

Colored rocks and chalk on a table
Young boy outdoors looking at the camera through a magnifying glass

Social Hierarchy

Fruits of the Forest

Fruits of the Forest Cards
Customizable card template with pre-filled resources
Girl looking down at playing cards in her hand and discarding one
Tablet showing plant. Hand points to tablet.
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